LightEnerG™ has grown to become one of the world
leaders in horticultural lighting.

We manufacture specialty lighting products for commercial greenhouses, as well as the hobby market, and all of our products use premium technology, ensuring you'll get the best yields while still being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. LightEnerG™ offers a wide array of grow lamps, ballasts, reflectors that are designed and manufactured with the best materials and the latest advanced innovations. We also offer a diverse selection of cords, sockets and electrical components and everything else you need to create the optimal lighting system. Not only are our products high performing, they have also been thoroughly tested and meet all North American electrical and safety standards to guarantee their performance and safety. In addition to providing industry leading products, we're also concerned about giving our customers the best possible value. That's why all of our products are competitively priced so you always know you're getting the highest quality devices for the best prices. So, if you want the latest technology, high quality products, the best value and massive yields, then you want LightEnerG™.